Our Focus is on BDSM

What if there was one place online to locate definitive information about BDSM and all of the exciting aspects associated with the practice? Our goal is to be such a destination for anyone looking to broaden their know-how and appreciation. Providing candid, authentic and enlightening specifics concerning the BDSM arena is the core focus of CBDSM. No matter if all of this is intimidatingly new to you, or you are a seasoned veteran of BDSM, we hope you find CBDSM to be an illuminating locale where kinks are embraced, rather than shunned.

Covering a wide range of BDSM topics on a single platform means that we come together as a whole community without lines of division. Every single person who is into any one type of kink started somewhere, and CBDSM is designed to be the first and only resource one trusts while expanding their range of expertise in BDSM. Ace advice, kink acumen and augmenting what you already enjoy are key themes throughout CBDSM.

What Does BDSM Mean?

After the mainstream popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, many people who were uninformed about BDSM rushed to the Internet to ask, “What does BDSM stand for?” BDSM stands for bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, and sadism & masochism. The true meaning of BDSM requires a more detailed explanation, and unfortunately, the book trilogy and movie failed to shed an accurate light on real-world BDSM. Art imitates real life in mainstream pop culture, and creative license is taken. This blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, creating confusion and great misunderstanding.

Simple bondage in the bedroom is practiced by many couples with thriving, fun sexual connections, even if they aren’t aware they are practicing. Just using handcuffs or scarves to restrain someone’s arms or legs is considered BDSM. Sexual play does not have to include extreme BDSM to fall under the category. So go ahead and take pleasure in whatever turns you on. The luxury of dipping into the uncharted waters of a BDSM relationship is that you can cherry-pick what aspects work for you and have fantastically rewarding experiences while creating a personalized definition of BDSM.

As you gain an accurate wealth of knowledge, you will find discussion about consent to be a common theme. In a healthy pairing, consent is present, and nobody leaves their comfort zones unwillingly. Predetermined safe words ensure BDSM scenes do not go too far for the submissive. If you have watched BDSM porn, you have probably seen situations where the submissive, or slave, looks as if they are not having fun, but enjoying pain is a huge part of consensual activity in protected spaces. If they want a scene to stop, they have the right to use their established safe word to stop immediately. This holds true in amateur BDSM as much as it does in BDSM porn.

What Does BDSM Mean to You?

Perhaps you are well-versed in BDSM particulars, but find yourself seeking information about specialized topics, such as introducing your wants to a new partner lacking in experience. Do you fear being labeled as inherently perverse by someone who does not fully understand the meaning of BDSM? One of the greatest benefits of exploring BDSM online is aligning with those who share your open-mindedness and excitement for encounters that transcend vanilla sex.

Online searches for BDSM blogs are frustrating because they often result in locating only XXX BDSM content. Such BDSM videos are designed to entertain, not inform. They are not spiritually profound or helpful, nor do they offer much in the area of inspiring scene ideas when they feature implements and BDSM furniture most cannot readily afford. Our mission is to provide in-depth insights over a wider spectrum of topics, from BDSM instruction, to how to evolve with a partner when you have been in the BDSM community for quite some time.

If you are a longtime BDSM participant, as either a Dom, sub or a switch, you have probably experienced a disconnect from online dating and relationship communities. Traditional online relationship advice articles seem to shun BDSM topics for fear of isolating a percentage of readers who do not regard BDSM favorably. As you gain mastery in the exciting sector of Dom/sub connections, CBDSM seeks to navigate this with you by exploring the positives as well as the negatives. Anyone who is truly into the BDSM culture knows that dealing with emotional complexities is sometimes a reality.

Separating Fact From Fiction

Mainstream media promotes the inaccurate notion that BDSM Doms and subs are in some way broken. This fallacy hampers constructive dialogue about sadomasochism and serves to alienate expressive, healthy people who take pleasure from role-play and the intense sensations of pain play. If your education includes one takeaway only, you must understand it is not about abuse or indoctrinating someone into the lifestyle with intimidation. No matter how BDSM terminology sounds to the naked ear, it is always about safe, sane and consensual experimentation.

Strong personalities more easily laugh off the often ridiculous BDSM myths believed by many, due to false public perception. However some of these misinterpretations can be hurtful, especially for those in quest of informal counsel. Being turned on by something that falls under the BDSM umbrella is not abnormal, yet there is a surplus of useless opinions to the contrary.

Sexual expression in any form is normal as long as one is aligned with a consenting, like-minded partner. CBDSM readers are encouraged to use this information as a guide, while respecting that not all BDSM fundamentals apply to everyone. Discussion is the only way to ensure what you have planned is excitable and permissible on both ends.

Revered veterans of the BDSM lifestyle and knowledge-seeking newcomers are equally invited to take their journey into elevated virtuosity, alongside CBDSM. Providing creative insights centered on enhancing existing sexual repertoires is our objective. The areas of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism are fascinating components. Like anything awesome, they are much better when shared among friends in a secure space. CBDSM is such a space.